Ph.D. Defence

Wanjing Zheng
A Comparative Study of Host Genome Evolution in Relation to Endogenous Retrovirus Load. 9/7/2019
Pei-Ju Chen
Histaminergic signaling underlies the early stages of color vision in the butterfly, Papilio xuthus. 19/2/2019
Nami Arakawa Genetic basis of human-specific skin characteristics in comparison with other primates. 31/1/2019
Maisa Sekizawa Accessibility is a determinant of infant handling in wild Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata). 31/1/2019
Anik Budhi Dharmayanthi
Domestication process of Indonesian Cemani chicken: Genetic causes for phenotypic traits. 27/8/2018
Mariko Ito Self-organization of reference structure and its effect on decision accuracy. 24/7/2018
Yu Uchiumi Theoretical study of evolutionary emergence and maintenance of mutualistic symbiosis.. 8/2/2018
Takahiro Kato High male embryo mortality biases secondary sex ratio: stage, causes, context and consequence of sex-specific mortality in Eurasian tree sparrows Passer montanus. 6/2/2018
Shiho Kariyazono The genetic basis of fluorescence in the stony coral, Acropora digitifera. 2/2/2018
Munehiko Ito Aggression and conflict management in social cichlid fish, Julidochromis regani. 29/8/2017
Mieko Kono The genetic basis of symbiosis in lichen Usnea hakonensis. 28/7/2017
Kohei Takeda Ritualized signals in the red-crowned crane: how and why do they perform various displays? 2/2/2016
Masahito Morita Evolutionary approaches to fertility decline in humans: case studies in Japan. 22/1/2016
Kota Sawada Evolutionary ecology of complex sexual systems in marine animals. 21/1/2016
Mina Yoshida Behavioral study of innate color preference in forging Japanese yellow swallowtail butterfly. 17/8/2015
Ayaka Kawashima Molecular evolution of cytochrome P450 in vertebrates: rapid turnover of the detoxification-type and conservation of the biosynthesis-type. 17/7/2014
Hironobu Uchiyama The visual function of the 'rough' eyes of the Northeast-Asian wood white butterfly, Leptidea amurensis. 17/2/2014
Emmanuel Abraham Mpolya Epidemic dynamics of a vector-borne disease on a villages-and-city star network with commuters. 12/2/2014
Yuichiro Hara Comparative Genomics of Closely Related Species - Uncovering the Evolutionary Process of Shaping the Characteristics Representing the Species. 18/2/2013
Marin Chiba Dynamics of RNA molecules during mitosis in cultured cell. 13/2/2013
Yuri Ogawa The physiological basis for color vision in the Eastern Pale Clouded yellow butterfly, Colias erate. 15/1/2013
Ryouhei Takahashi Zooarchaeological study of introduction of Sus scrofa into the prehistoric Ryukyu Islands based on ancient DNA analysis. 31/7/2012
Masato Yamamichi Eco-evolutionary dynamics in predator-prey systems. 13/2/2012
Naoko Kato A Study on Managing Public Scientific Research Institutions in Japan. 9/2/2012
Yukako Katsura Origin and evolution of sex determination systems in mammals. 22/8/2011
Ryuichi Sugino Genome evolution after WGD in the baker's yeast. 19/8/2011
Giannakopoulou, Parthenia Health and disease in the Kanto region during the Edo period (17th-19th centuries), Japan. 2010